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Complete Fire Protection

Guaranteed Service

  1. Complete Inspection Guarantee
    Should A-1 Fire Protection miss any accessible hand-held portable fire extinguisher due for inspection, the return trip to inspect it as well as any related maintenance parts it might need will be entirely at our expense.
  2. No Leaker Guarantee
    All units are leak tested at our facility before being put back into service. All fire extinguishers that we recharge are guaranteed to hold their charge for twelve months or we'll recharge the fire extinguisher at no cost to you.
  3. Proof of Maintenance Guarantee
    All dry chemical type extinguishers brought in for six year maintenance or hydrotesting will have verification collars attached as proof of depressurization, devalving, and internal maintenance. If for any reason the unit examined lacks the verification collar, a credit will be issued for that units complete inspection.
  4. New Extinguisher Guarantee
    Here at A-1 Fire Protection, we supply only Badger brand high quality fire extinguishers. These fire extinguishers are fully guaranteed under normal conditions for six years from purchase date.



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